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Bird Photography-Setting Tips Tricks Free Birds Wallpaper Images

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Bird photography is one of the most challenging fields in the photography world. Since the subject is usually small, versatile, unpredictable, moves rapidly from branch to branch. The light condition is usually low.The subject is so much aware of the photographer. We can say bird photography is frustration at one hand but it can be rewarding on the other side.

Bird photography setting used in a camera is a deciding factor for the outcome. Getting the right setting in your Digital camera for bird photography is a good step to maximize your results.

Indian Roller-most beautiful brightly colored bird for free download-Canon shot with 5D and telephoto zoom lens Canon EF 100-400 mm

Bird Photography Setting– shot taken with Canon 5D lens Canon EF 100-400 mm Indian Roller-most beautiful brightly colored bird for free download

Free Beautiful Birds wallpaper-Grey heron flying-sharp crispy image shot taken by Dr. Mukesh garg Bird nature and wildlife Photographer. Canon 5D mark ||| and Lens canon EF 100-400 mm IS USM royalty free stock pictures for desktop PC laptop mobile background imagesFree Beautiful Birds wallpaper-Grey heron flying-sharp crispy image shot Bird photography setting I use

-Grey heron in flight Canon 7D mark|| and lens Canon EF 10-400 mm There are many standard teaching and time-tested setting which I am not using nowadays though some of this recommendation might have used for a while1. have never used Tripod or Monopod for bird photography. All Shots distractor hand holding my telephoto zoom lens. For me, it was not possible at all. As my bird photography session lasts only for 1 or 2 hrs. And I am in a hurry to get the maximum shots of bird life possible at that time. But for a professional photographer whose primary motive is to shoot and get the pro like result, devote a lot of time to accomplish this. My main intention is to get the happiness out of it, not the perfectionWallpaper Images Indian Pond Heron free HD wallpaper desktop background image-Bird PhotographyI enjoy the trip more than the result on the back of my camera screen.2. Used flash for a while but now abandoned it. Though It is recommended that we should use fill flash technique or flash in High synchronization mode to enhance the result.3. I also purchased one better beamer for extending the flash …did some session with this accessory mounted on my camera. But now abandoned it. Only because it is very cumbersome to carry and care about these accessories. They are more like a distractor and many time I had to miss my shot just because at that time I was conscious about my better beamer not to get stuck in a bush.4. Many time I switched over to shoot in a RAW. Sure this is the best format if one can manage shooting in this format. You can control many things like white balance, exposure, brightness contrast and sharpness in your post processing. I have done it many times the only the problem is that you need time. Still many my photography gallery folder which I captured in RAW, lying there on my hard drive without getting the required post processing. So only because the time constraint, I could not be able to capitalize the benefit of this awesome format.5. Mode- I tried every mode possible for bird photography – Tv mode, Manual, Auto, P mode. -But only the best result I could get is in the AV mode. And only on this setting I can say there is less debate. AV mode is the best mode for bird photography as you have control over the aperture of the lens while your camera will decide the speed accordingly. Though you have to be careful about the minimum shutter speed you need to freeze the action of bird and at the same time to avoid the motion blur causing by hand holding the lens and camera body.Parakeet Macaw-Beautiful bird wallpaper HD background image-Bird PhotographyI have two Camera body- Canon 5D Mark ||| and Canon 7D Mark ||. Presently I am using Canon 7D for bird photography.There are two main reasons for me to switch from Canon 5 D to Canon 7 D…Crop factor-

For bird photography, one thing that is most desirable is the reach. And it can be done either by using a huge telephoto lens like 500 mm and 800mm prime lens. They are not handing holdable. You need to carry you tripod along with you all the time. That is not possible for me. I have only one lens for bird photography, and that is my all time fav. Canon EF 100-400 mm f 4.5/5.6 IS USM. This lens when I use with cropped sensor Camera like 7D body. Due to its’ crop factor 1.6, it makes the focal length 160-640. You can use TC extender to increase the focal range of your lens. Like I also have two TC. 1.4x and 2x and I used many time them with my Telephoto zoom lens. Though it is only recommended that we should use it with a prime lens. There are many pros and cons of using TC. It increases the Minimum F aperture of your lens. Though now the upgraded camera body like the || version of 7D and ||| version of 5D have come up with AF possible on F/8. But still, it will slow the AF mechanism of your lens.Fast Shots drive speeds(FPS 10/s)-The second Point of interest is its’ awesome capture speed in continuous mode…10 shots per second. Yes, it makes a huge difference what I feel when I switch from 5D to 7D. In 5 d it was maximum 6/fps. I use a fast card like CF card to register the image on my card. Gives you are using the slow card then sure it will affect frame speed. One more thing if you are shooting with both raw and JPEG format then sure it will slow FPS. Because camera then will take the time to register images on your memory card before you can again use your camera to shoot.This is called buffer time. But meanwhile, you can miss some important shots. Bird Photography setting I use-Brahmin Starlin Two birds in one frame Canon 7D Mark || Lens Canon EF 100-400Bird Photography setting-Lens I use- Only One telephoto zoom lens- Canon EF 100-400 mm IS USM. This is my all purpose lens for bird photography.It helps me taking all sort of bird shots..either environmental shot or portrait shot or birds came. Everything possible with this one lens. I will say if I could afford I would have got one nice lens much earlier. My dream lens is Canon EF 300mm f/2.8. To come in my camera bag. But believe me, even if I get my dream lens in future, this my all time fav. The lens would still be having its’ relevance.So now I am discussing some setting I am using –

Bird Photography setting-Exposure mode-

Of course AV mode- In this mode, I have to take care only of the aperture, and I try to keep that in low range to keep the desirable shutter speed. Mostly bird photography was done by me in a low light situation like in early morning or evening, and at that time there is a chance of you to get the shutter speed low enough to blur your picture either by a subject move or by camera shake. Exposure mode gives me a half control over the situation, not full control as provided by Manual mode. But in manual mode, you get very slow in the field. Back Button Focusing-AF On button Canon 5D and Canon 7D The setting i use for Bird PhotographyAperture F number-

Minimum aperture I can use with my Telephoto zoom lens is 4.5 at 100 mm and 5.6 at 40 mm. Previously I used to shot at the default minimum aperture. But once I learn that use the lens one stop down to get the maximum sharpness. I have now fixed the aperture on f/7.1. But in a very close portrait shot, I use f up to the 8-11 range. A telephoto lens has the depth of field so shallow that in intimate portrait if you use full aperture you will see you are not even getting two eyes in sharp focus.Shutter speed- In one my previous post I have specially mentioned about the selective use of shutter speed.While you are using AV mode, the shutter speed will be automatically chosen by the camera on given ISO. But you have to be very careful about that. The shutter speed minimum required for freezing the action of any bird is 1/500. And You also need a minimum shutter speed to make use of the long hand-held lens. Though the rule is that the minimum shutter speed for any long lens is the inverse of its’ focal length. But with new IS version of the lens, it has now been possible to use a shutter speed one or two stops down, I mean for my lens Canon EF 100-4 it can be 1/60 or 1/100 without any worry for motion blur and hand shake blur.But for the bird in flight, you will have to need a minimum shutter speed 1/1000 for fast moving bird and 1/500 for slow moving bird like Heron Egret. A bird perching on a tree, in rest, I have to keep the shutter speed 1/100 at least, and for a bird in movement and flight the shutter speed I try to keep is always above 1/500.


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