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Author-Mukesh Garg (Bird Animal Nature and

Wildlife Photographer)

Short Introduction

Dr. Mukesh Chand Garg  is a Doctor by profession.He has his own multispeciality setup-Garg Hospital

Photography for him is not a living stuff but a loving passion. He  concentrates mainly on bird Nature and wildlife photography and uses Canon equipment. All his work is not for sale but only for sharing.

Photography for him is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving what you have caught on film, and that is captured forever even when you forget everything it remembers the little things!!

He currently lives in a small town Gangapur city which is nearby Famous Tiger Reserve -(Ranthambhor Tiger Reserve)

He lives with his Parents, beautiful wife, and two kids.He has done my post graduation in Medical Science( Orthopaedic).He is self-employed full-time medical practitioner Having my Multispeciality setup Garg Hospital(Trauma and MRI Center)

He mostly photographs wild birds ,nature, and animals in their natural habitats, exhibiting natural behaviors.
Interests birding, wildlife, photography, conservation, traveling,

Photography is the only language that can be understood by everyone in every part of this world.
~Bruno Barbey

Facts About him-

The first camera he picked up was Nikon p 510 in May 2013 that was gifted from his wife on his Birthday.
All photography skill learn was self-taught. Google helped him a lot. No photography tutorial was attended ever
Regularly posting his picture on Pixoto and GeographicLucky to bag some awards there.
Pixoto address –
National geographic address-

There is web site Bird animal nature and wildlife photography to share his work and the story behind the camera. He lives in a small town nearby Jaipur, He has a blissful family, his parents, his wife, and two kids.

He Always tries to spare some time for me to quench my thirst of photography.Mainly birds,animals nature and wildlife photography in which he has been engaged so far.His  main areas of interest are Photography only and sharing his work with you all. Sharing the life story with the picture. In his opinion, no picture is a waste..every picture tells us a life story . Photography is a traveling vehicle for him to go through this beautiful journey of life. Sharing is what caring for him… which is why he agreed to be part of this blog world.

He also offers the free download of some selected birds,animals,nature wildlife images. Download available free non commercial use. Sign up is an easy one-step procedure there and you can avail the  benefit of unlimited download from his site.

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